Castle Staff Celebrate Pupils….


During our final staff meeting (outside this year!), we spoke about how much we are looking forward to seeing you all in September. The home learning and all the activities you have been doing have been outstanding!  Words cannot express how immensely proud we are of you all – so we are showing our appreciation to each and every one of you through our very own ‘Clap for Castle’


Also, we just want to let you know how grateful we are for all of your photos – so PLEASE do keep sending them!  However, you may see a slight delay in photos appearing in our Twitter feed as our Castle Tweeter takes a bit of a break over the summer time. 

If you are taking a bit of a break yourself, you could think about sending a ‘photo(s) of the week’?

During the holiday period, rather than sending photos to class emails, please feel free to send them to

Happy Holidays!