Dinosaur Topic

Vicky and Louise’s class have loved the dinosaur themed topic!
 In Vicky’s class we’ve enjoyed a range of dinosaur stories, built dinosaurs out of bones, made dinosaur fossils, made silhouette dinosaur art.

We looked at dinosaurs which were meat or plant eaters, explored with a range of dinosaur games on the computer, moved like dinosaurs, made dinosaurs out of fruit and had lots of sensory choose relating to dinosaurs!


In Louise’s Class, we have enjoyed stories such as “Dinosaur Roar” & “10 Little Dinosaurs” . We made dinosaurs using play dough and pasta and also made paper plate dinosaurs.

We explored how dinosaurs became extinct and made dinosaur skeletons out of straws. The children enjoyed rescuing dinosaurs from ‘fossil rock’ and from ice!

Adam enjoyed going on a dinosaur hunt around our garden.