Home Learning – Berwick Class


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Updated Week Beginning 1.6.20

Current Planning


RE Click the symbol – All about Eid
Watch the short video about Eid & Ramadan
Make Eid biscuits
Make a Ramadan lantern

PE –  Click the symbol Dance fitness for upper body, Justin Timberlake

DT – Click the symbol Plastic bottle craft – choose one idea


Literacy – Click the symbol – The Boy Who Cried Wolf

  • Watch the video of The boy who cried wolf
  • What do you think lying is? Do you think lying can ever be good? Can you think of any lies you have ever told? Is there a difference between lying and keeping a secret? If you can write down your ideas or talk to an adult about the story.
  • Handwriting practice & sentences – write the words boy, sheep, lies, cried, wolf and villagers. Then write a sentence or use your VOCA using each word  (CH, TS, BS, DT, LB)
  • Practise copy-writing the word boy and wolf (HM, EF,AT)
  • Make a wolf
  • Doorway online – first phonics

Doorway online – odd & even, work through all the activities (CH, TS, BS, DT, LB)
Doorway online – numbers up to 10  (HM, EF, AT)

Science – Click the symbol –  Build a hotel fit for some bugs


Life skills  – Hoover 2  rooms in your house. Make our own breakfast – toast/cereal/fruit salad. Peg out the laundry and fold when it is dry. Clean your shoes. Shampoo your own hair. Brush your own teeth. Read your parents or sibling a bedtime story.

Literacy – Click the symbol The x sound
Starfall – What is a noun
Phonics bloom – yes & no game reading game – (CH, TS, BS)
Phonics bloom – What’s behind the door – DT, LB, EF, HM, AT)

Read Write Inc – Click the symbol –  letter x activities
RWInc – trace letter x   in flour, shaving foam, salt. Rainbow writing
RWInc – write as many words as you can using letters x (CH, TS, BS)

Fine motor skills –  choose 2 activities



ICT – Click the symbol – Street art
ICT – Dog sled dash  (BS, CH, TS, DT, LB)
ICT – Uncle Tom’s Days of the week game (DT, LB, BS)

Numeracy – Click the symbol Make a number line
Maths – try any 3 counting to ten activities (HM, EF,AT)
Maths – play dough subtraction smash (CH, TS, BS, DT, LB)

Go Noodle – Click the symbol Choose a song

Additional Sensory activities – choose 2



Art  – Click the symbol –  Kandinsky art using circles – choose 2 activities
Fine Motor activities – Choose 2 or 2 activities
Gross motor activities – Choose 2 or 3 activities

MusicClick the symbol
Music – Try the vocal warm up first, then listen to I am the golden hen , then watch the next episode of the story

Joke time – listen to the jokes and have a good giggle