For Parents / Carers wishing to apply for a place at The Northumberland Church of England Academy outside the normal admissions window an In-Term Admissions form (Immediate Admissions) can now be completed online: here

Parents/Carers should be made aware that completion of the online form does not guarantee a place at the school

NCEA Early Years Centres

Children aged two and three are eligible to be admitted to the Academy’s Early Years Centres. Three locations have NCEA Early Years Centre provisions: Thomas Bewick Campus and Robert Stephenson Campus in Ashington and William Leech Campus in Lynemouth. The maximum number of children at each location is 20 in the morning session and 20 in the afternoon session. Preference will be given to children with LA funding.

Nursery Provision

There are 364 part-time places in the nursery provision spread amongst our campuses.  Children will normally be admitted to our nursery provision the term after their 3rd birthday. Admission will be to the nearest nursery campus.

Attendance at the academy’s part time nursery provision does not guarantee admission to the academy for primary education and a separate application must be made for transfer from the nursery provision to primary provision.


There are 210 places in Reception.  These are distributed among the following campuses:

The Thomas Bewick Campus (Moorhouse Lane, Ashington)
The James Knott Campus (Norham Road, Ashington)
The Josephine Butler Primary Campus (Academy Road, Ashington)
The Grace Darling Campus (Central Parkway, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea)
The William Leech Campus (Church Square, Lynemouth)

[While parents will be able to express a preference about the primary campus they wish their child to attend pupils will be offered places at the Academy rather than at a specific site.  The Academy will take parental preferences as well as operational issues into account in determining the most appropriate site for individual pupils.]

Other Year Groups

Because the Academy only admits reception as a whole year group, any other applicants for pupils not entering reception in September are classed as casual admissions. These include September admissions to year groups other than reception and any admissions in the middle of an academic year.

Special Educational Needs

The admission of students with a statement of special educational needs is dealt with by a separate procedure.  Students for whom a statement of special educational needs has been made in which The Northumberland Church of England Academy is named will be admitted.

Where the number of applications for admission is greater than the published admission number, applications will be considered against the criteria as set out in the Academy’s Admissions Procedure document.

Castle school for Children with Complex Learning Difficulties

Admission to Castle school is by a relevant statement of educational needs, or ECHP, via the LA. Children are referred for Special Education following assessments made by a number of professionals, as well as accounting for the views of parents, which leads to a written legal Statement of the child’s Special Educational Needs. This enables the Academy to consider carefully whether the child’s needs as detailed in the Statement of Educational Needs or Education, Health and Care Plan can be met at the Northumberland Church of England Academy.

Admissions Procedure

The Northumberland Church of England Academy follows the Northumberland County Council admissions procedures for admission to the Primary and Secondary elements of the Academy. The Academy complies with the School Admission Code February 2014 issued by the Department for Education.

For admission in September 2017 and subsequent years full details of the Academy’s admissions policy and admission procedures for each element of the Academy is given here:
NCEA Admission Policy v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for Early Years Centres v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for Nursery Admissions v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for Primary Admissions v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for Secondary Admissions v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for 6th Form v6
NCEA Admission Procedure for The Centre Admissions v6


The Appeals Panel for admission to the Academy is convened at the request of parents to consider the merits of their individual cases.

Information on appeals concerning campus allocations for successful applications to the Academy can be found here: NCEA Appeals Against Allocation of Campus Procedure v2