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On Thursday 4th March it is World Book Day. This year’s theme is ‘Share a Story’
All pupils and staff are very welcome to dress up as a character from a book for the day and we would love to see our pupils who are learning at home join in too!
Please share any photographs with us by 4pm on Thursday to be included in our Facebook post. You can share via Twitter/Facebook (please feel free to share via inbox if you prefer) or email castle.youtube@castle.ncea.org.uk 


“Space and Colour”

This half term our new topic is ‘ Space and Colour’. Just to give a quick overview for you as to what we will be looked at in addition to the suggested ‘useful online resources’.


Areas of interest:

  • Colour and senses exploration.
  • Colour sorting.
  • Following patterns and ordering.
  • Money.


Some stories you may find useful to start off with: (available on YouTube in read aloud/ song versions).

  • Oliver’s Vegetables.
  • Oliver’s Fruit salad.
  • Oliver’s Milkshake.
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Don’t forget to send us your photographs via twitter or email of all your hard work and the fun activities you are doing at home!



Literacy – Click the symbol  Read ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ (YouTube Link)

What food can you see? What colour are they? Can you complete some pencil control/colouring in tasks of fruit?

Numeracy – Counting and number awareness/ recognition.

Work on counting and number awareness/ recognition. Can you match to the written numbers. Can you match the correct number of objects to the written number? Can you add one? Can you takeaway one? Can you order the numbers in the correct order? Can you fill in the missing number? How high can you count/order the numbers? Can you do it with greater independence?

Here are some examples

Movement activity –  Click the symbol

  • Mr Tumble Nursey Rhyme Playlist: Work on listening to the songs and following the actions/signs.

Science – Exploration of your surroundings. Exploring your senses

Task 1: Sensory exploration – What can you see? What can you hear? What can you feel? Can you find different sounds to last week? Can you remember what you heard last week? You could explore, flour, gloop (cornflour and water) sand, shaving foam.

Task 2: Treasure hunt! Hide some objects around the house for your child to find. Or hide them in a box/ under some bowls. You could even draw a treasure map.  Can you follow some simple directions? Forwards/backwords or left/right.



Literacy –  Mark making/ Writing skills

Task 1:Can you practice your mark making/writing skills? Use crayons, chalk, paint or you may to try messy mark making e.g. with sauce, shaving foam etc… making straight lines, circles and zig zags.

Task 2: Can you over write some CVC words e.g. cat, bag, bat? Can you follow over some highlighted templates of straight horizontal and vertical lines? Can you follow over some zigzag lines?

Task 3: Can you show awareness of your name? Can you write/overwrite/match the letters to your name?

Numeracy Click the symbol  Number counting and recognition. 5 little ducks.

Task 1: 5 little ducks role play. Order the numbers in the correct order. Make / Decorate 5 ducks and the numbers 1- 5. Order them in the correct order. Can you match the numbers 1-5. Join in with the song using your props. You could even make your own ‘pond’ and join in with some water play.

Movement activity – Click the symbol Just dance kids’ PowerPoint. Work on choosing a song and following the actions.

PHSE – Work on your turn taking and communication skills.

Task 1: Can you play a game together e.g. passing a ball, monopoly, Jenga or snakes and ladders etc… (my turn, your turn, my turn, your turn – Good job!)

Task 2: Can you join in games that require key words such as ‘I want’, ‘more’ , ‘stop’ and ‘go’.

Can you practice the signs for these?



Literacy – Click the symbol Read ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’

Task 1: Can you help re-tell the story? Order and match the key parts of the story.

Task 2: Can you match the fruits to each other? Can you sort the fruit by colour? Can you taste test some different fruit? What do you like the best?

Numeracy – Number counting and colour exploration:

Task 1: Build a tower – how tall is it? Take away one, add one? How many do you have? Anticipate knocking it down.

Task 2: Can you make/follow a pattern of colours? How many red/ green/ blue etc… do you have?

Task 3: Can you sort colours into pots? How many do you have? What colours can you see? You could use Pringle tubs.

Task 4: Can you find specific coloured items in your house e.g. something orange, something blue or something green?

Movement activity – Click the symbol Mr Tumble Nursey Rhyme Playlist: Work on listening to the songs and following the actions/signs.

Cookery –  Life skills: To continue to practice spreading and cutting skills – making a sandwich with greater independence.

Main task – making a sandwich with greater independence.

Task 1: Decide what sandwich you want to make. This can be a different filling to last week.

Which is your favourite?

Task 2: Practise your spreading skills.

Task 3: What shape are you going to cut it? What colours can you see?

What does it feel like?

Task 4: Practise your cutting skills with as much of as little help as you need.

Task 5: How many pieces do you have? Can you identify which piece is biggest and which is smallest? What shape are they?

Watch the Big Cook little Cook episode of Jack and the Beanstalk on YouTube.



Literacy – Turn talking and choice making.

Play a game e.g. passing a ball. Choose between two games. Can you ask for more? Can you anticipate what will happen next e.g. splatting playdough or bubbles or balloons popping. Use of the key words, ‘go’ and ‘stop’.

Numeracy Click the symbol Counting – Number songs.

Task 1: Using the numeracy PowerPoint. Work on choice making. Anticipation and engagement in the number songs. Emphasising on the numbers. Join in… what number comes next? What object comes next? How many do you have left?

Task 2: Money ‘5 currant buns in a bakers shop’ Join in with some singing role play add and takeaway one bun. How many do you have left? Practise counting to 5. Match one coin to one bun. What colours can you see?

Movement activity:

Cosmic kids Yoga – We’re going on a bear hunt or Cosmic Yoga Kids Dance Party! Work on choosing a song and following the actions.

Art – Puffy Paint! Round 2! Create a picture of your choice – What have you made? What colours can you see? What does it feel like?

Example of puffy paint

Music: Interacting with body and action songs. Body Percussion – making music with your hands and feet. Can you clap fast and slow? Can you go and stop? Can you follow some action songs e.g. Head, shoulders, Knees and toes 

Practise the topic signs on the school website.

Finish off with some singing hands on YouTube.

Llama Song

I am the music man 

Wash your hands Party Mix 



Literacy – Click the symbol Listen to ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ Story.

Task 1: Create your own fruit salad.

Task 2: Listen to  ‘GO GO Mango’

Numeracy – Money & Problem solving.

Problem solving: Continue to work on Fine motor skills and finger strengthening tasks e.g. posting and threading using the pincer grip.

Could you use a shoe lace to practise treading? Counting as you go. Can you post objects into a box or tube – can you get them back out. Sort by colour and size. Complete some jigsaws or a shape sorter. Can you sort colours into different pots/bowls. Can you peg pegs onto a piece of card? Can you scrumple up paper to create a picture? Can you work on your cutting skills?

Money: Can you complete some money matching and money sorting. Can you identify the coins? How many coins do you have? Shop role play. Can you add one and take one away? Can you make your own price list and shopping list?


Movement activity –  Click the symbol Mr Tumble Nursey Rhyme Playlist: Work on listening to the songs and following the actions/signs.

Topic – My senses – explore your 5 senses and find things that you can smell, taste, touch, sight and sound.

Task 1: Talk about the items you have found do you like them? What can you hear? What can you smell? What colour are they? Are they big or small?

Task 2: Can you make your own sounds. Explore loud and quiet. Explore fast and slow.

Task 3: Find 5 objects that are fluffy. Find 3 objects that are bumpy. Find 4 objects that are shiny. Find 2 objects that are smooth.



Suggested Online Resources

Cosmic Kids Yoga – The class love these sessions. Allow your child to choose one they would like to do.

(We’re going on a bear hunt, Moana and Pokémon are amongst the favourites).

PE with Joe – The Body Coach on YouTube at 9am.  Parents, Brothers, Sisters anyone can join in with you! https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
Singing hands – Have fun with Suzanne and Tracy enjoy the music and practise your signing. You may even want to send us a video? https://www.youtube.com/user/SingingHandsUK
Kids Zumba (YouTube) – There will be a few different channel selections. Choose as appropriate for your child. Type into YouTube ‘Kids Zumba’
Edinburgh Zoo – Live cams being shown daily – Penguins, Tiger, Panda & Koalas. https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk
Go Noodle – Your child loves their songs and dance moves. They are on YouTube and they also have their own website. https://www.gonoodle.com/
Barnaby Bear – Barnaby enjoys adventures to lots of different places and enjoys to learn about new things with his friends. Some places have town links and some have country links. These are short easy to watch episodes. Go onto YouTube and type in Barnaby Bear
Debbie Doo – Debbie has her own YouTube channel. She has lots of action songs and learning songs available on there. You child enjoys her songs. ‘Let’s Star Jump!’ is good for movement and directional language. https://www.youtube.com/user/DebbieDooTV
Barefoot Books– The home of sing along stories. We have often enjoyed listening to these stories. Your children enjoys ‘The magic Train ride’ and  ‘We all go travelling by’ (www.barefootbooks.com) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf_8ZTFvJeS8U60W8C8PGhA
English/Literacy Website – This website has fun songs that your child enjoys, Stories and some interactive word games as well as online fun tasks. https://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/
Learning Station – Lots of fun songs – Action songs, educational songs and nursery rhymes. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheLearningStation
Bounce Patrol  – Lots of fun songs – Action songs, memory songs and information carrying songs. https://www.youtube.com/user/BouncePatrolKids