Warkworth Class have a smell and song of the day – please click on the song symbol to link to the daily songs on our YouTube channel.

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Click on Gillian’s photograph below find your child’s hello song

Don’t forget to send us your photographs via Twitter or email of all your hard work and the fun activities you are doing at home!




Active Learning (Individual target work) – Click the symbol

https://activelearningspace.org/principles Please take some time to read through the linked document which will outline the basic principles we work on in active learning. You will receive your child’s individual learning targets and ideas on how to set up environments and activities to support their learning but please feel free to come up with your own ideas and activities.  I would love it if you can share photos and information about your child’s engagement.

Sensory Story – Click the symbol to access the PowerPoint story ‘The Colour Monster

Click here for more details, including props and music 

Sensory story recording sheet 


Aim of the session:

To express myself creatively.

You’ll need:

  • paper
  • shoebox lid
  • tape
  • a piece of string
  • colourful paint

What to do:

  • Tape a piece of paper inside a shoebox lid.
  • Dip the string into paint. Splat the string onto the paper. Try again with different colours.
  • Let dry and take your art out of the box. Hang it up for decoration!

Art recording sheet 




Active Learning (Individual target work) – (See Monday)

Sensology –  Click the symbol to download session plan. (Colour red)


Aim of the session:

  • To learn about the properties of a range of ingredients and tools.
  • To develop preference and be able to show it consistently.
  • To develop memory for my preferences
  • To develop my actions for exploration. 

This weeks cookery session is ‘Easter Nests’  Give your child lots of time to explore the ingredients.

Cookery recording sheet



Number songs- Click the symbol

Aim of the session:

  • To recognise familiar songs.
  • To begin to anticipate in a song
  • (for some) To join in with a familiar action in a song. – ie knocking a bottle over, pushing a duck etc.

Number songs recording sheet

Just a little something extra – Andy Pidcock creates some fantastic music made with us in mind.  If you are feeling musical or want a bit of live entertainment, he is running a weekly 30-minute session on Wednesdays and Fridays at 11am.

Sensory Story – Click the symbol to access the PowerPoint story ‘The Colour Monster’.

Click here for more details, including props and music 

Sensory story recording sheet 

Creative/Tactile (Topic)

Aim of the session:

To explore a tactile material in your own way.

Continue to try out materials on the hierarchy of messy play sheet. Don’t forget to record your child’s reactions and send them through.

I was sent this useful grid categorising both sensory play and messy food play items.  We are using this to build a sensory play profile for your child.  For the next few weeks it would be great if you can try some of the activities out and record your child responses on the attached response sheet.  Begin with the easy and work up to the challenging.

If your child enjoys very wet messy textures, you might want to try this recipe for gloop. It is a fantastic texture!

How to make Gloop? | Learning 4 Kids



Active Learning (Individual target work) –  (See Monday)

Sensology – Click the symbol Click the symbol to download session plan.

Music and movement (Amber Trust)Click the symbol – Body awareness, anticipation, movement

Moving to music – sit on the floor with your child, moving their body to the music – follow the instruction on the songs.

Aim of the session:

  • To join in a familiar routine
  • To express themselves through music
  • To respond to the rhythm and tempo of music

Happy World Book Day!

Although this world book day might be a bit different for all of us, we can still celebrate all together.  Please send in your photographs of your costumes and activities, or of you enjoying sharing a book with your family.  Our class book this year is  ‘The tiger who came to tea.’  I have attached so activity ideas.  I hope you all enjoy the story.


The book provides a great opportunity for water play and lots of fun can be had with a tea pot and cups!



Active Learning (Individual target work) – See Monday

Sensory Story – Click the symbol to access the PowerPoint story ‘The Colour Monster’.

Click here for more details, including props and music 

Sensory story recording sheet 

Topic- Self help

Click here to download plan

Aim of the session:

  • To tolerate aspects of daily hygiene routines.
  • To take control of their daily hygiene routine by showing acceptance or rejection of an activity
  • To begin to initiate each section of the routine and participate in the activity.

Self help recording sheet 



If you have a tablet or eye gaze try a few of these programs, let me know if you have a favourite.


Firework arcade, pocket pond, fluidity, Ooze are all free to download. Lovely cause and effect apps include:

  • cause and effect sensory sound box
  • magic zither app
  • rapa tap drums free app
  • singing fingers app
  • xylophone by interactive alphabet

Heat padscreen changes colour depending how often they move their hands or keep their hand in one place. Lovely colour and encourages attention skills.

Finger paintcan use with or without music. As the children move their hands around the screen they touch different colours to make marks on the page.

Glow Drawmark making app

Burp and farta funny piano app that makes burping and farting noises.

Easy Xylocause and effect xylophone.

Drum kitcause and effect drum.

Bloom HDa lovely relaxing app that encourages movement.

ThumbTommusical instrument app.