Lockdown Library

At Castle school we have always enjoyed a shared reading experience within our classes.  This has proven to be increasingly difficult with so many pupils learning from home.  With this in mind we have made it our mission to continue enjoying stories together!  To enable this to happen we have created a virtual platform, ‘The Lockdown Library’.

Castle School staff members have volunteered with enthusiasm to read stories to share with all our wonderful students, at home and in school.  By doing this we can continue to enjoy sharing books, promoting our love of reading and sharing these magical journeys together.  Lets escape from our day and dive into the story!

Remember at the end of every storm there is a rainbow.  Here is our Lockdown Library videos – choose a story and see which staff member is sitting at the end of the rainbow.


Choose a Story

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You can download a story choice board here:

(Please let your class teacher know if you would like to receive a printed copy)

Choose a Story

(Set 2)