At Castle School our aim is to provide all of our pupils with some insight/ understanding into the world of work at whatever level is appropriate to the needs of the individual.
Last week was National Careers Week and so on Thursday, we had a designated Careers Day!

Each class decided on a job or skill that they wanted to learn about and put up a widow display, some were sensory or interactive, for example pupils had props that they could have their photos taken with or you could take your fingerprints for the police. Our younger pupils had a ‘People Who Help Us’ theme and our older pupils focused on different jobs and the skills they used. We had window displays about gardening, working at McDonald’s, hospitality, the police, Royal Mail, education, attention skills, nurses and doctors.

During the day, classes moved around the school looking at the different displays. Some classes took part in job hunt tasks as they were going around. There was great fun and learning had by all. Feedback from our pupils was really positive and some asked when the next Careers Day would be!