Leadership Team

Sara Wild : Principal

Sara Wild


Jo Easton : Assistant Principal

Jo Easton

Assistant Principal

"I love to read, I have more books than a library!"

Caroline Vardy : Assistant Principal

Caroline Vardy

Assistant Principal

"I am 4 foot 11 1/2 inches - don't forget the 1/2! My brother has learning difficulties so he was my inspiration to work in education. My first job was in a special school on the Isle of Man overlooking the grandstand for the TT races."



Teaching Staff

Kate Jackson : Teacher

Kate Jackson


"If I'm not walking along the beach, I'm playing my PlayStation!"

Lucy Davison : Teacher

Lucy Davison


"I have four dogs who all have human names (Fern, Kim, Ruth and Meg). They're the best!"

Vicky Box : Teacher

Vicky Box


"I used to live in Australia when I was younger - could be why I LOVE the sun! I also met Liberty X when I was in Aus (whilst holding a Koala!)"

Jack Davis : Teacher

Jack Davis


"Outside of school, I run a rock climbing group."

Gillian Robinson : Teacher

Gillian Robinson


"I have been hypnotised by Paul McKenna."

Elaine Todd : Teacher

Elaine Todd


"I met some learners with learning difficulties when I was 13 and I knew from then it was my destiny to work in SEND education."

Louise Washer : Teacher

Louise Washer


"Many, many moons ago I was on the Eurovision judging panel for Britain."

Jane Bransfield : Teacher

Jane Bransfield


Jenifer Lee : Teacher

Jenifer Lee


"As I am from Yorkshire I eat my Yorkshire puddings with gravy as a starter and I eat cheese with my Christmas cake!"

Dawn Watson : Teacher

Dawn Watson


"I make the most of any opportunity to wear a hat and I love playing the ukulele. In fact, I try as much as possible to play the ukulele whilst wearing a hat - the perfect combo!"

Kim Zafer : Teacher

Kim Zafer



Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mike Banks : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Mike Banks

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"I am known to make a mean brownie and I am quite partial to the occasional fishing trip."

Lucy Cook : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Lucy Cook

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"I am a Makaton Local Tutor and also run the Castle School Makaton Choir!"

Michelle Milne : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Michelle Milne

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"My favourite thing about working at Castle School is without a doubt, the children. They are amazing."

Lindsey Foster : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Lindsey Foster

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"I was on Razzamatazz with Adam Ant and had my photo published in a 'Look-in' annual."

Alyson Ramsden : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Alyson Ramsden

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"I knew I wanted to work in education after doing work experience in a nursery. I did also try a career as a singer!"

Anne Thompson : Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Anne Thompson

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

"I love all things scented. Some people say I have way too many wax melts, I would say you can never have enough!"


Teaching Assistants

Sam Archer : Teaching Assistant

Sam Archer

Teaching Assistant

I really enjoy organising parties for my children and going to the gym.

Gail Freeman : Teaching Assistant

Gail Freeman

Teaching Assistant

"I am very arty (I love doing anything which gets messy!) and I love to bake sweet treats!"

TJ Smith : Teaching Assistant

TJ Smith

Teaching Assistant

"I have performed on a west end stage three times"

Nicole Spears : Teaching Assistant

Nicole Spears

Teaching Assistant

"I once dreamt I was best friends with the Kardashian's and we went out for afternoon tea, I was very disappointed when I woke up, more because I didn't actually get the afternoon tea!"

Christine Johnson : Teaching Assistant

Christine Johnson

Teaching Assistant

"I enjoy reading and listening to music."

Sonia Elsdon : Teaching Assistant

Sonia Elsdon

Teaching Assistant

"I love spending days at the beach with my family, it's one of my favourite places to be!"

Micheala Chapman : Teaching Assistant

Micheala Chapman

Teaching Assistant

"I love painting & decorating, sometimes when everyone gets in from work and school, a whole room is a different colour!"

Julie Clark : Teaching Assistant

Julie Clark

Teaching Assistant

"I’m absolutely Disney mad and my favourite place is Disneyworld."

Nicola Cummings : Teaching Assistant

Nicola Cummings

Teaching Assistant

"If I was stranded on a desert island, I'd want to have water with me to keep hydrated, a photo of my family to make me feel happy and sun cream to stay safe in the sun!"

Rachel Dawson : Teaching Assistant

Rachel Dawson

Teaching Assistant

"I am obsessed with George Michael, my husband is even called George!"

Clare Douglas : Teaching Assistant

Clare Douglas

Teaching Assistant

"Runner, knitter, nature-loving vegan who skips and juggles!"

Vic Evans – PT : Teaching Assistant

Vic Evans – PT

Teaching Assistant

"I love helping children to fulfil their potential."

Sarah Higginbottom : Teaching Assistant

Sarah Higginbottom

Teaching Assistant

"I literally walked in to Frank Bruno coming out of Foot Locker in Tenerife, it was like walking in to a brick wall! He laughed and signed my trainer box, it was all I had to use!"

Kayleigh Hindhaugh : Teaching Assistant

Kayleigh Hindhaugh

Teaching Assistant

"I can sing and touch my nose with my tongue (not at the same time!)"

Emma Lavery : Teaching Assistant

Emma Lavery

Teaching Assistant

"I love looking for and collecting bugs and insects. I also enjoy practicing taxidermy and I have just joined the guild of taxidermists."

Linda Lee – PT : Teaching Assistant

Linda Lee – PT

Teaching Assistant

"I like going for walks with my grandchildren and taking them to the park."

Caroline Middleton : Teaching Assistant

Caroline Middleton

Teaching Assistant

"I love going for walks with my dog Toby and sometimes, the husband!"

Rachel Reay : Teaching Assistant

Rachel Reay

Teaching Assistant

"I play Darts in my spare time and I have won the league and doubles competition numerous times. I can also move my eyebrows up and down one at a time!"

Ann Short : Teaching Assistant

Ann Short

Teaching Assistant

"I have an obsession with butterflies."

Suzannah Stevenson : Teaching Assistant

Suzannah Stevenson

Teaching Assistant

"I have 2 dogs that love to go swimming in the sea."

Catherine Stodart : Teaching Assistant

Catherine Stodart

Teaching Assistant

"I love being part of the amazing team at Castle School helping our unique students to fulfill their potential."

Susan Lowe : Teaching Assistant

Susan Lowe

Teaching Assistant

"My claim to fame is I have met David Walliams!"

Claire Carter : Teaching Assistant

Claire Carter

Teaching Assistant

Debbie Eastlake : Teaching Assistant

Debbie Eastlake

Teaching Assistant

"I have a German Shepherd called Bandit who is a gentle giant."

Melanie Elliott : Teaching Assistant

Melanie Elliott

Teaching Assistant

"If I was stranded on a desert island, my three luxury items would be a good book, music and sun lotion!"

Sarah Gray – PT : Teaching Assistant

Sarah Gray – PT

Teaching Assistant

"I recently found out I am in Hufflepuff house and I am awaiting my letter from Hogwarts."

Cath Maley : Teaching Assistant

Cath Maley

Teaching Assistant

"I love working with children. I love how every day is different."

Gillian McLean : Teaching Assistant

Gillian McLean

Teaching Assistant

"I love to bake... and hoover!"

Lynn McPherson : Teaching Assistant

Lynn McPherson

Teaching Assistant

"I love working in Castle School because I get to meet all of the brilliant young people in our care, also I work alongside some lovely people."

Leigh Mole : Teaching Assistant

Leigh Mole

Teaching Assistant

Stefanie Price : Teaching Assistant

Stefanie Price

Teaching Assistant

"I won a trophy in a Darts doubles league and I've met Ant McPartlin's dad!"

Kate Richardson : Teaching Assistant

Kate Richardson

Teaching Assistant

"I am always smiling, especially in my job!"

Hazel Simms : Teaching Assistant

Hazel Simms

Teaching Assistant

"One of my favourite things to do is go to fancy dress parties!"

Lyndsey Stanwix : Teaching Assistant

Lyndsey Stanwix

Teaching Assistant

"In my spare time, I teach tap and ballet classes to children, I've also got a strange claim to fame in that I once had cocktails with Tyrone and Kirk from Coronation Street!"

Sam Stuart : Teaching Assistant

Sam Stuart

Teaching Assistant

"I was Hotel Calypso's (Salou) hula hoop champion in the summer of 1988!"

Aimee Tweedy : Teaching Assistant

Aimee Tweedy

Teaching Assistant

"In year 3, the whole class had to write a letter to someone. I chose Tony Blair and he wrote back! Claim to fame right?!"

Debbie Wilkins : Teaching Assistant

Debbie Wilkins

Teaching Assistant


Admin Team

Karen Lilley : Office Manager

Karen Lilley

Office Manager

"My claim to fame is I have sang with Sting!"

Sam Scott : Admin Assistant

Sam Scott

Admin Assistant

"I have two pet bunny rabbits called Max and Marshall."

Rita Johnson : Receptionist

Rita Johnson


"I love to dance!"