The Northumberland Church of England Academy seeks to create a community in which everyone without exception is respected, valued and happy. The Trust’s uniform policy makes an invaluable contribution to this by:

  • Contributing to a sense of community identity;
  • Supporting high standards of leadership, behaviour and dress;
  • Instilling respect amongst learners for themselves and others;

All learners across the Trust are expected to take pride in their appearance, and as such they are expected to wear the correct uniform at all times.

At Castle School, we uphold these same values, however, we are of course sensitive to the needs of our pupils. For example, if a child is sensory defensive around clothing/textures, we will always be flexible to meet individual requirements.

Castle School Primary Uniform

Castle School Secondary Uniform

Castle School Sixth Form Uniform

Where to purchase school uniform

All Castle School branded uniform can be ordered direct from our official supplier, Michael Sehgal & Son.

Michael Sehgal & Sons
28-40 Scotswood Road
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 10am-5pm

0191 2302320