‘Striving for all connected with the Castle community to become the absolute best version of themselves.’


At Castle School, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where the aspirations and needs of our learners are at the very centre of everything we do. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted, offering an ambitious and diverse range of learning experiences, ensuring that everyone is challenged, engaged,and enriched. We hold the safety and well-being of our learner’s paramount, maintaining an enabling environment where learners feel secure, respected, and nurtured. Trust is a cornerstone of our community; we foster open, transparent relationships between staff and learners, encouraging them to use their voice confidently and to communicate their thoughts, needs, and aspirations freely. Learning is a dynamic, ongoing journey at Castle School. Our learners engage positively, make excellent progress, and regularly experience the joy of achievement, contributing to a fruitful and enlightening educational journey. We empower our learners, providing them with the tools, skills, and knowledge to become active participants in their own lives, able to shape their destinies and realise their potentials.


Individuality and Expression: We advocate for an environment where pupils feel confident to express themselves, knowing they will be heard and respected, fostering a sense of self-worth and pride within everyone.

Holistic Development: We aim for our pupils to develop a level of independence appropriate to each, focusing on emotional, social, physical, and cognitive development, preparing them to access and contribute to their community positively.

Inclusive Communication: Our environment encourages the students to communicate confidently in many ways, enhancing their ability to express consent, preferences, and feelings confidently.

Health and Lifestyle: We educate our students on making healthy lifestyle choices, aiming to make them active participants in their own happiness and well-being.

Diversity and Respect: We promote the understanding and respect for the diversity in environments, situations, people, and thoughts, thereby fostering positive relationships and mutual respect within the school community and beyond.

Enriched Learning: Castle School provides a varied curriculum including vocational, independence, and life skills, encompassing formal, semi-formal, and pre-formal learning, all documented through Individual Learning Plans (ILP) and learning journals.

Critical and Independent Thinking: Our approach encourages independent learning and critical thinking, enabling the pupils to make informed choices about their future, manage change effectively, and transfer their learning into a variety of environments.

Literacy, Numeracy, and ICT: We strive to elevate our students to the highest levels of function in literacy, numeracy, and ICT, ensuring they are well-equipped to adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

Creative and Vocational Skills: Through our curriculum, we provide opportunities to explore and express creative abilities and interests, exposing students to a range of vocational skills and experiences.

Community Integration: We focus on community integration, teaching our pupils the significance of positive contribution and interaction within their community.

Current Affairs and World Understanding: We keep our pupils informed and aware of the world around them, instilling an understanding of current affairs and fostering a global perspective.

Positive Progress and Development: By continuously assessing the progress of our pupils through independent assessments, lesson observations, and the recording of positive pupil progress, we ensure continuous development and achievement in accordance with the ENSP (Education, Nurture, Social,Physical) model.

Our commitment is to see every pupil leave Castle School with a fortified sense of self, a broader understanding of the world, and the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate and contribute to it. Our bricks and mortar are more than just structures; they are the foundations upon which resilient, informed, and happy individuals are built.

Our Core Values

Our ‘LIGHT’ Values are designed to help everyone to ‘let their light shine’ [Matthew 5:16] in line with our Trust vision.

NCEA Trust Light Values