Before we can communicate, we need to be aware of each other. Sometimes children don’t notice us, so it’s our job to tune into them. In order to do this:

  • Watch what your child is doing
  • Wait and see what your child will do
  • Listen to what sounds or words your child is using
  • Get on the same level as your child
  • Join in with your child’s play e.g. by if the child is lining up cars, hold them and
    give them a car one at a time
  • Copy their actions and sounds

When playing with your child, encourage them to explore and show your own interest in discovering new things. Help your child as needed to do what they are trying to do, without taking over or directing. Follow their lead, fit in with the child’s ideas. Allow your child to play with objects in unconventional ways.

You can find some fun ideas to try at home via the website.