Children in Need 2020


Each year we join the nation to support Children in Need, and this year was no different!

We had a wonderful day celebrating all things Pudsey, while raising money for a very worthy cause.

Here are some of the things we got up to within our class groups

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Prudhoe Class have had a fun Pudsey themed week.

Warkworth Class made two fantastic giant Pudsey heads this week.

A sensory Pudsey went down a treat on Friday! The children all loved exploring the textures and of course, getting messy!

Alnwick Class continued with their work on the Zones of Regulation…..but with a Pudsey twist!

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They also had a fun afternoon playing Pudsey bingo….and then a well deserved rest before home time.

Berwick Class enjoyed decorating biscuits with Pudsey spots and having a singalong and a dance together.

Berwick Class also worked together to make a giant Pudsey head (complete with mask!)

Norham Class made Pudsey faces and also joined in with the 24 hour PE lesson with Joe Wicks.


A big ‘Thank You’ for your kind donations towards our Pudsey themed non-uniform day, everyone looked fantastic!


Berwick Class – Valiant Vikings


Berwick Class have been working really hard this half term learning about The Vikings during My World lessons. They started off by thinking about objects from the past, and then they found out all about Viking/Celtic warriors.

They all learnt something new, such as the blue paint the warriors painted their bodies in is called woad (blue natural dye, used by the Celts) and trousers are called bracae. Everyone really enjoyed making a Celtic shield.

Then last week, the whole class designed a Celtic roundhouse together using a very large box that Jen brought in from home (recycling!). Everyone had great fun getting inside the box.

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This week the class worked together to add a door and roof (but no windows, as roundhouses did not windows)

Jen said “We made sure that the roof could be removed so that we could check that our children did not fall asleep in the roundhouse!” (Harrison thought it was the perfect place for a little nap….he lay down and said “Good Night”)

Well done Berwick Class!



The Twits!


In ‘My Communication’ Norham Class have made their way through Roald Dahl’s The Twits.  From beards full of food, worms in spaghetti and drinks with glass eyes (picked onions!!) to creating upside down houses, making bird pies and practising walking with an ever-growing walking stick, the students following the Semi Formal Pathway have experienced it all.

Meanwhile, students following the Formal Pathway have written letters to the RSPCA in response to caged monkeys in the Twit’s garden, created estate agent adverts for the Twit’s house and produced missing posters for the floating Mrs Twit.

Clearly inspired, Norham Class students have even started playing tricks on the staff, a demonstration of how much the students have enjoyed and engaged with this wonderfully funny story.