Water bead neck cooler (amazon) or make your own.

  • Buy waterbeads/zorbies from eBay or amazon.
  • Put them in a container and fill with water. Wait for the beads to plum up.
  • Fill a stocking with beads to a level you are happy with. Cover the stocking with a strip of material leaving two lengths to tuck down Tshirt. Place in fridge  to cool. When the beads shrink simply place it back in a bucket of water to plump.



General Activities

  1. Try Freezing favourite fruits to crunch on e.g. grapes, blackberries, strawberries etc.  Cut the grapes and berries into quarters for safety.
  2. Freeze juice or water to make ice chunks to crunch on or crush up. If using cube trays bash the cubes into pieces before giving to the child.
  3. If children chew on their clothes wet a flannel, tie a knot in it and freeze for the child to chew on the cool flannel rather than their clothes
  4. For cuff chewers dampen sweatbands (non-fluffy/bobbly bands) place in fridge to cool and place on wrists.
  5. Dampen a headband or sweat band with water and place in fridge for forehead cooling.
  6. Use water spray bottles with cold water to spray.
  7. Make up a container or water beads, place in fridge for them to explore and cool. (DO not use these if your child eats non-food items) Place them in a ziplock bag and supervise play if they tend to eat non-food items.
  8. Make up zorbie/waterbead bottles and place in fridge to tip and watch them roll.
  9. Chill waterbead squeeze balls to handle or roll on arms

Feet activities

  1. Wet large sponges and put on a small amount of washing up liquid. place in fridge- use in washing up bowl to stamp n to make bubble sponges and cool the feet.
  2. Footspa with cool water
  3. Use ziplock waterbead bag to rest feet on and squidge
  4. Play football with wet sponge ball.
  5. Waterbead ball refrigerated to roll under feet.